The Satisfying Symmetry of Wes Anderson’s Movies

I love everything about Wes Anderson’s movies: his delightfully dysfunctional characters, the clever wordplay in his scripts, his yellow-tinged aesthetic, and his meticulous attention to every last detail. I’ve always thought there was something incredibly satisfying about the orderly manner in which every scene seems to have been crafted, but I could never articulate why until I came across this video from British Film Institute contributor and filmmaker Koganada.

Enjoy, fellow Andersonphiles.



Stuff I Love Saturday: 5.24.14

Stuff I Love SaturdayIt’s been a long but good week, and I’m currently enjoying a much needed three-day weekend. So, with nothing to do on Monday for once, I thought I’d spend a few of my unburdened minutes sharing some of the highlights of my week. Continue reading