The Satisfying Symmetry of Wes Anderson’s Movies

I love everything about Wes Anderson’s movies: his delightfully dysfunctional characters, the clever wordplay in his scripts, his yellow-tinged aesthetic, and his meticulous attention to every last detail. I’ve always thought there was something incredibly satisfying about the orderly manner in which every scene seems to have been crafted, but I could never articulate why until I came across this video from British Film Institute contributor and filmmaker Koganada.

Enjoy, fellow Andersonphiles.



Dinner at Saint-Emelion

Saint-Emelion Ft. Worth

My husband and I were supposed to go to dinner with two of our lovely neighbors this past Friday. They called at the last minute to say they weren’t able to make it, but they insisted that we go on without them so the reservation wouldn’t go to waste.

Saint-Emelion has established itself as something of a Ft. Worth institution in the 29 years since it opened its doors, and I’ve been dying to try it for quite some time. We were disappointed that our neighbors couldn’t join us, but we thoroughly enjoyed our unexpected date night and one of the best meals we’ve ever had. Continue reading

Stuff I Love Saturday: 5.31.14

Stuff I Love Saturday

Tomorrow is the first day of June and, true to form, Texas will be rolling out its notorious summer heat this coming week. For some people that means hanging out poolside with a Corona forever at their lips, but for me, it means three to four months of hibernating in the shelter of my air conditioned house with the blinds closed tight.

Summer ain’t my thing. I’m just more of a fall/winter kind of gal. I can literally feel my dopamine levels rising when the sky clouds over—and if there’s rain or snow involved, I’m completely ecstatic. But I do manage to find ways to have all kinds of fun indoors during the warmer months. Here are a few of the things I’ve been enjoying during these initial dog days . . . Continue reading